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Assistive Technology

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The Pennsylvania Department of Education, Bureau of Special Education is pleased to announce the following web conference opportunity:
AAC Talks 2024: Elevating Voices: Empowerment Through AAC
Date: Friday, May 10, 2024
Location: Zoom links access via Schoology
Time: 8:45 AM-3:45 PM

This event offers evidence-based practices, practical ideas, strategies, and resources to engage students with complex communication needs through augmentative-alternative communication (AAC) systems. Our theme, Elevating Voices: Empowerment Through AAC, encourages participants to explore innovative solutions and perspectives in AAC implementation, empowering students and amplifying their voices across diverse settings. National and local presenters will discuss a variety of topics including the importance of person-centered practices honoring the uniqueness of individuals, how a variety of communication partners can be empowered to support the use of a range of communication methods, evidence-based practices, and practical ideas on how to develop and implement lessons that include a variety of AAC strategies and devices. For more information, visit the AAC Talks 2024 conference web page at

Presenters: Local and nationally recognized speakers, including Tina and Mateo Moreno, Janet Sturm, Amanda Soper, Rachael Smolen, & more.

Credits offered: Act 48, ACVREP, PSYCH, ASHA, EI

Payment Information: There is no cost for this course.

Registration Information:
You may register online by visiting the conference page at or by clicking on the name of the event on the Training Events Calendar at:

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